SHARE Program: Innovations in Translational Behavioral Science to Improve Self-Management of HIV and Alcohol Reaching Emerging Adults


The SHARE program is a new NIAAA-funded innovation in translational behavioral science created by Drs. Sylvie Naar and Karen MacDonell to explore and address overlaps of self-management of HIV and alcohol in emerging adults through a Florida-wide initiative. With the help of stakeholders' and youth-led input through connections across Florida, the SHARE program will allow young adults to be heard and studied to better understand the effects of alcohol on young people living with HIV.

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The PROGRAM will consist of three main parts:


The main goal of this study is to see how stress is associated with how well younger people (like you!) who have HIV manage their alcohol use and HIV care. The data we collect from this study will help us create plans to improve retention into care and other factors related to stress, like sleep and emotions.



Study participants will complete baseline assessments on alcohol use, mental processes, etc. They will then participate in a 14-day sleep diary (twice a day, morning and night) recording their thoughts, feelings, and other sleep-related questions. After nine months, there will be a follow-up assessment as well as another 14-day sleep diary. There are chances for focus group interviews where participants give us feedback on the study


The main goal of this study is to test a new wrist biosensor that will track the participant's alcohol level to help self-management of alcohol use among young people (like you!) with HIV.

Study participants will complete a baseline survey that asks about alcohol use, mental health, etc. They will then receive a Skyn wrist biosensor to

wear for 30 days and will report their alcohol use daily on a smartphone app. The app is interactive and will send daily reminders to complete the report. Participants will be able to utilize a second app that involves a game of taking care of animals and helping them grow! The more the participant uses their wrist biosensor, the more credits participants will receive to take care of their animals!


After the first month of wearing the biosensor, the participant will complete another survey that includes the participant's opinion on the technologies/apps used in this study. 

The main goal of this study is to optimize dose and delivery methods of Health Choices - an already existent intervention method - to improve sustainability and overall capabilities. This project does not start until 2023!

Together, these three projects will synergistically demonstrate a continuous cycle of development, refinement, testing, implementation, and sustainment for the SHARE program.


Young adults with high rates of HIV and alcohol use are least likely stay in care and reach viral suppression. As defined by the CDC, they are a key population that is understudied. Recruiting this target population in the state of Florida will help us understand the barriers, issues, and thought processes of this underserved group and thus increase a greater overall public health impact.

With decades of experience in interventions for YPLWH, alcohol/substance use, supporting underserved/minority populations, community engagement, and implementation science, this program aims to use this experience to reach another underserved population for improving overall health in communities across Florida!


In order to be eligible to participate in the program, you must:

  • Be between the ages 18-29
  • Live in Florida
  • Be diagnosed as HIV positive
  • Have consumed at least one alcoholic beverage within the last 30 days
  • Have internet access via smartphone, computer, or tablet

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and your information is kept confidential. You are allowed to leave at any time without consequences. Compensation is provided for those who participate.


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