FLEX Peer Support Program

  FLEX Peer Support - Supporting Youth in North Florida with Preventing and Managing Chronic Disease

Offering free assistance and navigation to numerous resources/services + providing motivational support for various needs!


Do you need support with navigating aspects related to medical, mental health, physical activity, nutrition or other support services? Are you looking for someone to talk to about your daily experiences? 


The FLEX Peer Support Program is an initiative that connects youth, age 15-29 living in North Florida, who are at risk for or living with chronic condition to peer support staff that may be able to assist with access to resources and provide motivational support.

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Text or Call: 850.354.9522
Email: SIU.FLEX@med.fsu.edu


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How Does It Work? - Our Plan 


    Peer Support Team

     Lead Peer Support Team Member + Support Services Coordinator

    Kristina Feliciano (She/Her/Hers)

    Having graduated first-generation from Florida State University, with her bachelor’s degree in criminology, Kristina is furthering her education at FSU to pursue her master’s in social work. Ever since she can remember, Kristina has always been passionate about working with people and drawn to aiding minority and vulnerable populations. 

    Hobbies and Interests: Fitness, self-care, being a big sister, cooking, spending time with those close to me, & working with the community! 


    Sara Green is a clinical social worker and researcher at CTBScience. Sara completed her Bachelor's in Sociology and her Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2011 and is passionate about social justice, advocacy, and equity especially for vulnerable populations and children/adolescents living with chronic disease. She is the Program Director for the FLEX Peer support program and provides clinical guidance and mentorship to the FLEX Peer Navigators.  

    Hobbies and Interests: In her spare time, you can find Sara spending time with her partner and two teenagers, walking with her 3 dogs, painting, or gardening.






    Contact Us

    Text or Call: 850.354.9522

    Email: SIU.FLEX@med.fsu.edu