Operations Team

Meet the people who make Scale It Up Florida!


Sylvie Naar

Pronouns: She/Her

PhD, CTBScience Founder & Director, Distinguished Endowed Professor, Adolescent and Emerging Adult Health Equity Program Director

Dr. Sylvie Naar is a Distinguished Endowed Professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine's Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine. She is also the Director of the Center for Translational Behavioral Science and the Director of the University's KL2 program.  She is a clinical researcher with more than two decades of studies across the spectrum of intervention research from early trials translating basic behavioral science into new interventions, to randomized clinical trials, to comparative effectiveness, to implementation. 


Jonathan Morgan

Pronouns: He/Him

Scale It Up - Florida Program Administrator

Jonathan is tasked with overseeing programmatic initiatives and community engagement and coordination for Scale It Up - Florida. He works closely with Dr. Sylvie Naar, the Director of CTBScience and the Scale It Up - Florida program, as well as Dr. Nicole Ennis related to community engagement on the SHARE Program's Community Engagement Core. Jonathan graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with his Bachelor's in Psychology, along with a minor in Intercultural Studies. He is an avid advocate for people with HIV. He is part of several local and statewide advocacy work groups that help address health disparities and stigma around HIV. 

Kristina Feliciano

Pronouns: She/Her

B.Crim, flex program lead peer navigator

Kristina Feliciano currently serves as lead peer navigator for SIU-FL's FLEX Peer Navigation Program. This program engages youth and emerging adults, while assisting them get connected to services they may be seeking such as: HIV care, primary care, housing, mental health services, & more. While Kristina originally graduated first-generation from Florida State University with her Bachelor's degree in Criminology, she is furthering her education at FSU to pursue her MSW. Ever since she can remember, Kristina has always been passionate about social work and drawn to aiding minority and vulnerable populations. As the eldest sibling of 7, Kristina’s biggest goal is be a continued role model for her siblings. On Kristina’s free time you can find her engaging in self-care activities such as the gym, or hanging with family and friends.

Grace Sanders

Pronouns: She/Her


Grace graduated as a first-generation student from Flagler College with her Bachelor's in Accounting in 2022 and is excited to be working on the SIU-FL team! She started as a Peer Navigator and Research Assistant on the SHARE Program directly engaging participants with HIV ages 18-29. She now works as our Program Coordinator and completes more “behind the scenes”/administrative tasks such as purchasing and travel planning for the SIU-FL team, occasionally attending outreach events with the rest of the team. As a racial and sexual minority, Grace is extensively interested in human rights, advocacy, and working with others for equal opportunities in healthcare and social settings. In her free time, she is usually playing video games online with friends or traveling!

Andrea Cheshure

Pronouns: She/Her

RESEARCH Coordinator

Andrea is the Research Coordinator for Scale It Up FL. She is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of research programs and projects within the center. Additionally, Andrea often collaborates with other researchers within the Center for Translational Behavioral Science to fulfill project objectives and creating research products such as manuscripts and posters to share within both the scientific and local communities. Andrea graduated with a Masters in Science in experimental psychology from Oakland University, where she holds two undergraduate degrees. 

Milo St. Ives

Pronouns: He/Him

YACHT, SHARE Outreach Coordinator

Milo graduated from the University of Georgia in 2019 with a bachelor’s in film studies and comparative Literature. He subsequently provided in-patient psychiatric care, working with gender and sexual minorities living with chronic illness. He is passionate about prevention and early intervention in chronic illness, as well as the equitability of health services. In his down time, he can be found playing video games, hiking, or chastising his cat for tearing up his rug.

Michael Bratt

Pronouns: He/Him

SOCIAL MEDIA Outreach Coordinator

Michael is the current Social Media Outreach Coordinator for Scale It Up Florida. He has a degree in Media Design and a passion for helping others. Michael runs all of SIU's social media accounts and sends out the monthly newsletters to keep everyone up to date with what's going on at SIU. He also updates the website as needed. When Michael isn't on his phone, you can catch him at a concert or hosting a board game night with friends. He loves trivia and watching sports and is always down to try out the newest restaurant in his city. 


Kayla Hicks

Pronouns: She/Her

MPH, SHARE Program Lead Community Engagement Specialist

Kayla Hicks received her Bachelor's in Health Sciences from Florida A&M University and her Master of Public Health from Florida State University. She is currently a research assistant on Scale It Up Florida's SHARE P01 Project. As lead community engagement specialist, she engages youth and young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 with HIV as well as engaging with community partners. Kayla has a passion for health equity advocacy on behalf of minorities and educating minority communities when it comes to maintaining their health.

Lamisha Rogers

Pronouns: She/Her

SHARE Program Community Engagement Specialist

Lamisha Rogers currently serves as a Research Assistant on Scale it Up Florida’s SHARE P01 Project; she will be engaging with youth ages 18-29 with HIV/AIDs. Lamisha is currently in her senior year at Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University majoring in Health Science with a concentration on Occupational Therapy. After graduation she plans to attend grad school as well! Lamisha is interested in contributing to causes that will help our community achieve equality. In her free time you can find Lamisha enjoying a Harry Potter movie or attempting yoga!​

Sharry Anne Solis

Pronouns: She/Her

SHARE Program Community Engagement Specialist

Sharry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health degree at Florida State University. She serves as a Research Assistant on the Scale it Up Florida’s SHARE P01 Project, actively engaging with young adults aged 18-29 living with HIV/AIDS. Sharry's passions lie in advocacy, championing human rights, and fostering health equity within marginalized communities. In her free time, she enjoys Star Wars, reading up on history, and spending time with her family and friends!


Sara Green

Pronouns: She/Her

MSW, Assistant in Research Faculty

Sara Green is a clinical social worker and researcher at CTBScience. Sara completed her Bachelor's in Sociology and her Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2011 and is passionate about social justice, advocacy, and equity especially for vulnerable populations and children/adolescents living with chronic disease. She is the Program Director for FLEX Peer Navigation program and provides clinical guidance and mentorship to the FLEX Peer Navigators, as well as participates as an investigator on many of SIU-FL's research projects. In her spare time, you can find Sara spending time with her partner and two teenagers, walking with her 3 dogs, painting, or gardening.